Rocking Sheep Company

Gorgeous Rocking Sheep and Rocking Lambs. As seen on the BBC and ITV. Hand made in Wales - loved Worldwide

Welcome to The Rocking Sheep Company.
We've been making the woolly alternative to the rocking horse since 1992.
Over the years, we're proud to think we've created a product of the highest quality and have found homes for our flock all around the World.
We don't believe in mass production.  Our sheep & lambs are individually made to order & we think it's important that each one is made from start to finish by one, highly skilled craftsman.
Our rocking sheep flock will stand the test of time.
Made from natural materials, they're sturdy enough to withstand years of active play and beautiful enough to live with, keep and pass on to future generations. 

rocking sheep
rocking horse
traditional toys made in Wales

Mary had a little lamb, its fleece was white as snow...
                                       ... and everywhere that Mary went, the lamb was sure to go!

Our Guarantee

We want our rocking sheep creations to be 'ambassadors' of our work for many years to come. If after years of use the fleece fitted to our rocking toys becomes worn or damaged we will replace this on a nominal 'at cost' basis by post. If the woodwork/lacquer etc. suffers scrapes & knocks etc. we will freshen up the lacquer and repair any damage at any time, for life, yes, in other words...

A Lifetime Guarantee

Can we get fairer than that? All we ask is, if required, you arrange to deliver your rocking sheep back to our workshop and arrange collection when any work is complete. there will be NO charge for this service.